What Is Regression Testing?

What Is Regression Testing?
Regression testing is carried out to verify all fixes are working fine which were introduced during development and no functionality of the application is hampered.

Advantages of Regression testing
Assures all the features are working fine.
Assures no side affect has occurred due to new code or fix
Assures there is no broken link available on site.

Disadvantages of Regression testing
Automation Regression scripts needs skilled Software Testers
Budget of the Product increases
With new functionality added, number of automation scripts also increases and hence needs high maintenance.
Production Support Job increases and sometimes costs as overhead for the company.

Regression Testing for Web Applications
Whenever a New feature is implements on the website or a bug is fixed, we need to assure that the others features are at their place, hence we need to regression testing on web application, which assures us that everything is working fine.
We have regression testing tool offered by http://www.regressiontester.com/

Regression Bugs 
The bugs which are found after executing regression tests are called as regression bugs.
Usually these are the defects or bugs which take birth while adding new feature or during a fix.
Some Developers also call these bugs as side effect bugs, because they are born due to change in some line of code.

Regression Testing Tools, Reporting Tools

Regression Testing Tool

Regression testing Frameworks, Pearl, PHP, Java 





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