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Pallavi Katoch
Per4m, New Delhi, India
Contact No: +919958410159
Pallavi Katoch is an enthusiast in the field of training – delivery and content development – with an experience of over 23 years in Academics and Training. Being a Master Trainer, she has influenced many across industries in India and overseas. Based on the Adult Learning Principles, she follows the scientific approach to training and is a Certified Professional Coach and NLP Master Practitioner and has been certified to Train The Trainer and Train Adults by Cambridge University. With a strong knowledge base and excellent communication skills Pallavi has been successfully meeting the objectives of the sessions she has been conducting thereby being an effective facilitator, coach, personal trainer and instructor. With 23 years of experience in the field of Education, Training and Empowerment, Pallavi brings with her effective analytical skills to reach the core issue preventing progress and addressing it. Her knowledge in NLP, Emotional Intelligence and DISC and her expertise in how language is used to change behaviour makes her a truly potent Trainer who empowers trainees to perform. Recognised by the Oxford University for her contribution in the training and education industry, Pallavi assesses, prepares content and delivers transforming training programs for Corporates (HSBC, Genpact, GE, Samsung, Sony amongst others), Educational Institutions (BIMTECH, Amity, AIMT amongst others) and has been coaching senior leadership of corporates. An entrepreneur and BNI Member, she can be contacted at Per4m, her Training Company.

Highlights of Training Methodology
Evaluating existing competency of an individual both objectively and subjectively
Activity based
Case studies
Role plays
Uses instruments for profiling analysis – Johari Window Assessment, Social Skills Assessments, PPA and HJA for DISC analysis, etc
Project milestone and Activity logs template creation for relevant programs
Problem solving and Decision making templates
Uses language assessment instruments for Accuracy, Pronunciation, lexical, and Fluency for language TTTs

+91 9958410159