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Aspam Preschool
Aspam having global exposure brings in the methodologies of international standards. Aspam aims to establish in its students firmly rooted confidence in themselves and their abilities. So that the early school experience sets the foundation for lifelong intellectual and social growth. We strive to develop in each child mental keenness, physical confidence, pleasure in learning, and the skills basically required to understand one’s self and the world.

Our Vision

Aspam Preschool strives to a safe, fun filled, happy, respectful, and global education environment benefitting the children, parents, staff and community for creating a better world. The vision of the ASPAM Preschool is to facilitate the holistic growth and development of a generation of young people who believe that they can be active participants in the creation of a better world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip children to grow in self esteem, demonstrate values as individuals, develop life skills needed to be independent and capable adults as well as prepare them for all the challenges of life by imparting best education in an affectionate nurturing environment.

To deliver high quality education that combines the rigour of the Indian CBSE syllabus with a global perspective and the best international methodologies to equip young people to excel globally. The school fully recognises the importance of close collaboration with parents and the community to provide a conducive environment for pupil learning.

Kyari Play School
Play Group: Topics covered are simple and basic. Lot of play dough moulding, coloring, art and craft activities, puzzle fixing, outdoor play, rhymes, song and dance is part of group curriculum.
Pre-Nursery: Common E.V.S Topics are extensively covered with the help of Art and Craft Activities, Dramatization and Excursions. Stage exposure forms an integral part of weekly routine as does Yoga, Taekwondo, Dance and Splash Pool Activities. Recognition of letters A-Z and numbers 1-10 is done. Lot of emphasis is given on communication skills.
Nursery: In addition to the pre-nursery curriculum, written work is taken up with children. Writing and recognition off upper case A-Z and small case a-z is done with writing numbers 1-20.

The very name Kyari flashes an image of green fresh patch with awakening colorful buds ready to spread their enchanting fragrance.The school functions under the guidance of Mrs. Nirmal Puri who is a retired Headmistress of a reputed public school of Delhi.The curriculum followed by the play school is absolutely original in its content and approach. It is designed to help children acquire environmental awareness, develop language skills and gain ability to communicate with confidence.To achieve success in our efforts we provide plenty of opportunities through various activities that help to lay a very strong foundation.There is a lot of emphasis to ensure the safety of every child. Every child is treated as an individual and accordingly we cater to the child’s needs. Our parents become a part of Kyari family and together we strive to help Kyarians become as good human beings so that their future is bright and secure.

Marbles Play School
Marbles Play School
Sigma 2nd
Greater Noida
Our Vision

Our aim is to lay the foundation of a life-long educational experience, which will give the individual confidence and respect. New technologies are also a part of our vision to make them more confident and they will have upper hand in knowledge exchange.
We also wish to develop in our marblites a consciousness of the needs of society and the desire to contribute positively through selfless service, putting the totality of God-given talents and acquired knowledge to the service of humanity.

Our Mission

At Marbles Play School, you know that your child is definitely in the place to be!

The decision of choosing the right school is the toughest job. But your very quest for the best may come to an end when you and us become “WE”. And this can happen only at Marbles! “GIVING SUPPORT” is the motto of Marbles Playschool. The teaching methodology of our school is unique in its own special way. We believe that learning is not just constraint to specific area. It can be imparted as efficiently under the open sky, as in a well-equipped closed room. And thus, we help the child discover at all possible places inside the premises. To enhance our area of intellectual grooming. Marbles is opening its arms to embrace the tender caterpillars for growing their new wings into beautiful butterflies. The wings, with which they would not only learn to fly, but also to positivise the air to make this world a better place to live in…!