Domain Name Transfer

Domain Name Transfer is the Process or changing the current registrar of domain name to a new designated registrar.


For Example: you have a domain name presently it’s registered by X registrar and now you would like to change/transfer your domain name to Y Registrar.


Please Note : X or Y should be  ICANN-Accredited Registrars.


We have some of the certain rules for this:

  1. This Process of transfer can only be initiated if domain name has been registered for more than 60 days with current/present registrar.
  2. Process may take up to 10 days to get completed.


Steps for Transfer Domain Name:


  1. Purchase and request domain transfer at new Registrar.
  2. Go to Current Registrar and follow the below step
    1. Make Domain Protection Off
    2. You will receive set of emails from New Registrar…(Follow steps)
  3. Update or Create Domain Secret, Some say as Authorization code.
  4. You will receive email notifications from current registrar
  5. Final Email saying (if you don’t take any action, your domain will automatically transfer).
  6. Finally you will receive email from new registrar mentioning that your domain has been successfully transferred.

Author: adminskill

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