Basics for Domain Name Owners


Domain Name

A domain name is a identification set of characters, domain names work with some set of rules designed by DNS (ie: Domain Name System)

For example: is a domain name.

It’s essential to note domain names are defined by IP addresses.

Whois Look up

WHOIS has been derived from “who is?”

Sometimes you are eager to find out that who owns a particular domain name.

So for this we have various websites offering free service to find the Registrar, Registrant, Admin, Tech entries for the domain name.

Website offering:


What is Registry?

Registry is an Organization which keeps an Authoritative master database, for all domain names registered for each top level domain names.

And ICANN is a non-profit corporation for domain name system management, which makes all rules is this space.



ICANN is a non-profit corporation for domain name system management, which makes all rules, is this space.


Who is Registrar?

These are the ICANN Accredited organizations that process the registration of Domain Name.

Some of the Basic Functions of Registrar

  1. They can Sell Domain Name.
  2. They have to abide all rules comply with ICANN.
  3. They Have to Maintain Whois Database.


Who is Registrant?

The Domain Name Registrant is the individual or organization registering the domain name, after successful registration of domain name, owner can use this domain after this successful procedure.



Web server is a computer that hosts website pages, and it used HTTP Requests to deliver content and services.

We can host multiple domain names on server.

Web server should have below high features:

  1. 9% uptime
  2. High level Security
  3. Low Cost
  4. Good Support
  5. High capabilities


Some of the web servers available in the market are:


Microsoft IIS


Lite Speed

Google Web Server (GWS)

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