Alok Aggarwal is a CEO of Bigoyaseo Services

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Alok Aggarwal is a CEO of Bigoyaseo Services, and Digital marketing company founded in 2011. The company have best expertise in all form of digital marketing services and have served over 500 clients from more than 20 countries.

What is your view on Cyber Security in SEO and Online Marketing Space?

With growing Digital marketing penetration and the use of same by people and also by hackers, makes it very vulnerable for hackers to exploit users Personal and financial details. Even a small flaw in design, development or even at the hosting end can make the users profile open to access by unauthorized people.

What are your suggestions for new cyber companies for cyber security?

As Cyber security is now need of time for every mid and large size corporation having access to PC’s, and high speed internet in offices, so in my recommendation the cyber security company must be experienced enough to handle issues right from installation to a small softwares in end users PC to configuring ultra advanced firewalls. The Knowledge of Data flow and corporate email services should also be well acknowledged by the company. Regular monitoring of network and the data encryption should also be taken care by them.

Security and data Theft issues for your company?

As we are in B2C business segment and have access to many social profiles and financial details of our client, we had few security concerns as data could be access by unauthorised person of my our company, so a strict internal CRM audit was done so that only concerned data is access by id’s and PC’s of team member and no other member can get the password and access to same. A 128 bit firewall to monitor the flow of info and saving of client data is also well in place and also to protect our office network from intrusion.

What Technological Measures you have taken for cyber security?

All PC are secured with Norton internet security, the server is safe by 128 bit hardware based and software based firewall. Emails are protected by separate corporate email service, team is allowed to mail only on authorised emails of client and in change of email id of client the same is verified by client on call and on separate official mail too. Client data is secured in an another server which is accessed by only few authorised company personal and is not connected to internet at any point of time.

What are your future Plans?

With growing team size and complexity of data the company may hire professional data Protection Company or in-house specialist.

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