About Us

Are you a trainer or passionate about becoming a trainer? Are you looking for a platform on which to share your knowledge? Do you want technological assistance in setting things up, be it in your training centre or over the internet? Do you want to connect with learners and augment professions through the web? You’ve come to the right place. At Skill Yug, our constant endeavour is to technologically equip a network of world-class trainers who create high-quality course-ware that reverberates with professionals the world over.



Our vision at Skill Yug is to Empower Trainers Technologically.



Our Mission at Skill Yug is to reach every city in Asia by making a partnership with the best trainers available in each city.


The fearless new era of internet assisted training is thrilling, tangible and real. The material you produce will be used to train people the world over, meaning increased online visibility, a larger professional audience for your content, all in all giving you the opportunity to become part of the elite training fraternity, worldwide! We know the value of your time, effort and financial resources; hence we aim at helping you to speed up course creation with technological tools. We also help you to create unique teaching materials that give you a competitive advantage over other online trainers in your filed, also helping you to reduce costs of managing your online training material and we assist you to quickly update content without using too many resources.

Trainers connect with Skill Yug to create unique, flexible and efficient training solutions, tools and materials that helps increase revenue for the trainers. Skill Yug provides the widest array of integrated online training tools for audio and video based eLearning materials, trainer-led online interaction enabling web-based live mentoring services and also assist trainers in certification test preparation. We are your trusted partner of innovative, exceptional, cloud-based technological training support resources. By providing 100% flexibility to customize training content to meet your specific needs, we help you through superior technological knowledge and expertise. Connect with Skill Yug and get equipped technologically to TRAIN!